Hello! I am Luis 'Tony' Martínez-Tossas, and I am a researcher working on wind turbine aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics. Tony's Geeky Shirts is the product of my geeky ideas during graduate school while working on fluid dynamics of wind turbines. I like to wear these geeky shirts and hopefully you will also enjoy wearing them!



I want you to experience the joy I feel when I visualize scientific data. Turbulence is a beautiful phenomenon. I learned that the first time I visualized data from my simulations. I want you to feel the same joy that I feel when you wear the apparel we design. We create all the designs available in the store. I hope that you like these designs and that they bring you the same joy that I feel when I wear them.



I started doing my masters at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez in 2010. I started learning about turbulence and was fascinated by the topic, and still am! During the time, I wanted to buy a turbulence t-shirt, so I spent a couple of weeks searching for turbulence shirts. And to my surprise, I did not find what I was looking for. So I thought, why don't I make the t-shirts? And that was the start of Tony's Geeky Shirts. I took some simulation data that I had from simulations I had run and made a cool t-shirt out of it. I printed the design and wore it proudly for many years. That first design is show below.



I finished my master's and went to do my PhD in 2012 in the topic of fluid mechanics and turbulence applied to wind energy. During that time, I learned more about turbulence and decided to launch the first online version of Tony's Geeky Shirts in 2016. During this time, I had learned about the Johns Hopkins University Turbulence Database and started using the turbulence data for my designs. Databases are an amazing tool for learning and studying turbulence. Some of the designs from that time (2016) which we still have available in the store are shown below.


Tony wearing his shirts in 2017.



My wife, Ramona, is also a scientist, and she has a great taste for design! In 2020, during the pandemic, we worked hard on many designs and decided to expand Tony's Geeky Shirts. Ramona's designs are also a part of Tony's Geeky Shirts and they encompass the realm of chemistry, which is one of her expertise. We are exited to have have these designs and hope that you will also like them and will enjoy wearing them. These designs mean a lot to us, they represent our creative thinking that is part of many years of working science.


The Turbulence Data

Many of our designs use turbulence data from the Johns Hopkins University Turbulence Database. These data are a collection of direct numerical simulations using high-performance computers which are publicly available. More information about the turbulence database can be found here.